From our family to yours

The Robertsons are a family of 4, with many furry creatures in our extended family circle. (Highland cows, Icelandic sheep, chickens and Guinea hens.)
We, Calum & Rachael have 2 boys Hamish & Fearghas who we uprooted from Old Scotland to New Scotland in 2013 in search of a rural life, living off the land.
Our 131 acre farm is nestled on the South Mountain in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.
We built our farm from the ground up on an old hay field with the most majestic views of the Bay of Fundy and Blomidon Provincial Park.

We have 2 product lines in our business, Robertsons Farm and Apothecary, which encompasses dried herbs, teas, tonics, bitters and our Barefoot Faerie Botanicals line, which is our natural body care line promoting facial care, body oils, salts, scrubs and hydrosols. All our products are infused in some way with herbs and wild botanicals from our farm.

This is us.....