The Importance of Seizing the Moment: Understanding 'Make Hay While the Sun Shines'

The Importance of Seizing the Moment: Understanding 'Make Hay While the Sun Shines'

Mar 15, 2023Rachael Robertson

There once was a family who decided they had acquired so many animals, that they should make their own hay.  

With fields aplenty and a little saved for seeds and equipment, the time had come.

The family bought seed and harrowed and tilled their field.

They hired a neighbour farmer to sow their seeds and waited.

They waited all summer for the rains to come and the grasses to emerge and the bales to be made. 

Unfortunately the grasses hid beneath the soil hunting for moisture on the driest summer season so far. 

But fear not, the dandelions, wild mustard and evening primrose bloomed for all and provided shade to the seeds so that they could rest and wait for a perfect moment to emerge. 

Fast forward 10 months and the shade and mulch from the weeds provided ideal conditions for the grasses to grow. The dandelion, never to be out shone, bloomed while the grass found its feet. 

Then there was a hay field. A beautiful swaying hay field. 

Sheldon, a older gentleman farmer from along the road, offered his mower for use, as they were without one.

The family then purchased a tedder to rake the grass, as part of the haying process.

They were set.

Watching the weather app like a hawk, the family yearned for 3 dry days in a row. Waiting and watching.

Three days popped up on the weather chart like the millionaires lotto!

Not enough of a window to bale the round wrapped hay from our big field, but enough for square bales from the second, smaller field. 

The neighbouring farm had an old square baler that that we could use. Digging it out and replacing a tyre was all that was required of us for the rent.

It was go time.

Mowing and tedding and .............wait, work meetings and orders to fulfill? Day jobs beckoned.

Progress halted, but the sunny days were ticking.

Dashing off to a meeting and leaving the tractor in the field, only to return and the field raked completely ready for baling. How can this be?

The farming faeries?

A neighbouring farmer, Darren, thought we were broken down and stopped in the field. Realising we were not, he knew the weather was changing, so finished the job without a hint of an ask. A farming faerie for sure.

The baling could start and by dusk we were done. 300+ bales in the field, with 24hrs before the storm.

The family started to lift and haul and the night looked long. The family was 4, but only 3 were fit for lugging. One was destined for supervisor with snacks.

Casually that night, a gent stopped by looking to chat. They were on a timer but offered hay for his pigs and loaded him up.

He asked where the help was and they pointed to their eldest. They hastily said their goodbyes and went of to work.

To a great surprise, Ryan, with the hay and the pigs, returned with 3 fit laddies, a tractor and trailer and a wood hauling truck. 

No ask from the family, just a helping hand out of kindness and community.

They all worked till pitch dark, not a complaint from a soul. A few Busta bars for fuel and lots of thank yous from the hearts.

With 2021 baling season in full swing, a shed full of feed and proud farmers they were. 

Ever so slightly worn and exhausted the family were buzzing. The light in them gifted from their community, so vibrant and warm. 

They now yearn for the day that they can gift a light in return.

Till the next field and the story and warmth it gifts to all.

Always make hay while the sun shines.

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