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Copper Tongue Scraper


Add an extra step to your oral hygiene routine.

Tongue scraping is one of the main Dinacharya/ Daily routines in Ayurveda.

This practice helps to clear toxins, bacteria and dead skin from the tongue, alleviates bad breath, stimulates digestion and supports general health by the removal of accumulated toxins (Ama)

Scraping your tongue daily can prevent bacteria spreading into your body and boost overall immunity.

Scraping your tongue in the morning sends reflex messages to all the internal organs of your body, stimulating the digestive fire, helping to better assimilate food from the beginning of the day.



I scrape my tongue as soon as I wake and before I eat or drink anything. By doing so you get rid of the toxins built up overnight and don't swallow them back down again. (Your life will be changed forever!)

General cleaning to remove tarnish over time -

Soak the scraper with a solution of lemon juice or vinegar, salt and water and let it work for half an hour. The orange tone of the copper will resurface, perhaps not completely. You can then wash it with dish soap and rinse. Never use scouring pad or anything that could scratch the copper.

100% Copper, handcrafted in India.

Copper will patina (turn darker) over time.