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Feeling and looking good shouldn't be so hard.

At Robertson's Farm & Apothecary, we grow and make intentional food and skincare products with real ingredients you can trust. We've got you covered on the inside and out.

What we do

Feel Good on the Inside
Feeling good starts from within. What you consume effects positively, or negatively, your health and your biggest organ, your Skin. Our tonics, teas and herbals honey are loaded with feel good plants that work in harmony with your body. We make feeling good easy!
Feel Good on the Outside
Our Barefoot Faerie Botanicals line was born from a desire to create with nature. Using whole plant infusions, sumptuous raw oils and intention in every drop. Our line features facial care, body oils, salts, scrubs, hydrosols & more!

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Calendula Oil


We grow Calendula flowers on our farm from organic seeds which produce a highly potent resin for soothing many skin ailments.

Calendula’s medicinal resinous oils are found mostly in the involucres (the green base of the flower head.) Sometimes calendula is sold as “petals” only, but this is a weaker medicine for topical use. So we always use the whole flower head, which takes a lifetime to dry, but boy its worth it!

Use our soothing Calendula Oil for a super sensitive facial oil or for eczema, acne, burns, bites, and so much more.


Use our soothing Calendula Oil for a super sensitive facial oil or for eczema, acne, burns, bites, and so much more.


Natralipid® Abyssinian (Crambe abyssinica) seed oil, Organic cold-pressed Sunflower oil, Calendula officinalis, vitamin E. (Scented - Clary sage & Bergamot FCF essential oils)

note- Clary Sage should be avoided during pregnancy.

Abyssinian Oil is from Prince Edward Island.

4oz Glass bottle with dropper

Customer Reviews

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I use this for everything!

Picked up a bottle at a market at Cornwallis Inn. My family loves it. We use it on all of our skin issues and it's gentle every time.

Farm Merch

This fiery brew is great during cold and flu season, and gives the immune system a nice boost. I have always been a fan of apple cider vinegar blends, and I definitely feel a difference in my body when I've run out of this brew.

Shara C.

This is one of several products that I ordered for a special birthday for myself. Everything was packaged so beautifully! I've used the oil twice and absolutely love what it does for my hair and irritated scalp. I will be ordering this oil again.


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